Saturday, January 4, 2020

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    1. At the time I was not able to name the type of Coach it was (Winnebago Sightseer 36Z) Now I can! WE just spend WAY to much time fixing this camper and NO time CAMPING !

  2. WELL you guy's won't belive this BUT we spent all afternoon loading the motor home up, getting the truck packed away in the garage , all the lower compartments filled and now that every thing is almost done my wife has some water and freezables that she wanted to keep the heat on over night !!! NO Heat / Thermostat is not showing any temp. They must have crossed some wires in the (mother board ) when they were fixing the water pump switches because the 15 amp breaker to the furnace POPs as soon as you reset it !! Time to go back to the DEALER so much for getting an early start . WE will be lucky if we can even leave tomorow now!!!! 🤬

  3. On the + side, though we called the COACH rep and he had me check that breaker, and he was nice enough to get us an appt.8am next day. Got to give credit when do.